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Ladies 1903

Such rigorous the customs had been that time!
(excerpt of a protokol of july 23, 1903)

Top 5. Entrance of ladies to the Sektion Tutzing as members

Not authoritative may I think it is the best when we gentlemen, who have such free and easily assembled and only having in our view the beautiful ideals of sports at the mountains, stay independantly alone, not taking the unpleasant load of considerateness and mindfulness which will always remain obstructive and ligating. Thereby it remains our decision to invite ladies as guests of what the gentlemen at all events get knowledge about early. I point out with this to a refusing decision of the Sektion Oberland. An occurence with the same matter leaves our motion appearing warrantable, and at the beginning handle once and for all purposeful.
Mr. E.Martin advises that the Sektion Augsburg accepts ladies as members but only as paying ones and not at all as entitled to vote.
The meeting accepts the motion with upper form, what means that ladies will not be accepted as members.

Note of the webmaster:
Today we dont agree and are glad, not so much about ladies, but about "mountain goats" and other strong girls!