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Hut Categories

The German Alpine Association has decided for their huts and refuges these categories:

Category I

Mountain hut which has to keep its originally character as a base for alpinists and mountaineers. The equipment is simple and simple food is sufficient. It is a base within a mountaineerish important area and is only exceptionally reachable by mechanical means. To hike up requires at least one hour. The hut can be administrated, operated, maintained or only be a biouac.

Category II

Mountain lodge within an area which is regularly visited by many visitors. It is especially capable to receive visitors for a longer stay in summer- and wintertime because of its better equipment and food and service, for skiing and family-holidays. It may be reached by mechanical means and is expected open the entire year.

Category III

Mountain lodge which is reachable by mechanical means and is a goal of mostly visitors by one day. Only seldom accomodation is demanded. Food and service is equivilant to the regular guesthouses/hotels in the area.

Note of our Sektion
Our mountain hut is catagory I. It is likely to be considered category II, but