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Climbing at Kocheler Turm

At the western part of the North Wall the "Kocheler Turm" is located. (First climber: T.Daisenberger, H.Demleitner, H.Schöfmann, 1934, VI, 4 hrs from entrance)

The Kocheler Turm is a totally free standing tower with hanging over all four sides. One starts at the west-way 455 and leave it when the ways begins winding to the left over gras and detritus to a cove in the wall. From there through grassy grooves about 100m upward, whereat one passes by the eastern wall of the tower. This way leads us to a small ravine between wall and tower and has reached its southern side towering about 50m up. This is the entrance. From the ravine we climb about 3m horizontally on a ramp out to the eastern wall of the tower. From there climbing an overhang up and then extremely difficult transversal left upward to the southern edge, about 10m. There is a small standing position.
From here one has to climb another overhang up to a small pine. Now its easier to come to the top. To descent one ropes down southern direction to the entrance.

picture: the Kocheler Turm (rock tower)