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Operation System Linux


LINUX is a free available multitasking and multiuser operating system which has been developped from Linus Torvalds and many free developpers worldwide. The most important advantage is the free access to the source-code for everybody worldwide. Specialists are therefore able to check in details which functions are exercised in the computer and can furthermore make individual changes if necessary.

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LINUX in the meantime offers all the functionality which is expected with modern operatingsystems. Real (preemtive) multitasking, virtual memory administration, dynamically loadable libraries wth version numbers and further modern concepts make the POSIX-oriented operatingsystem to the optimum solution for many operational fields.
Meanwhile LINUX is successfully used by more than ten millions users worldwide.

The group of users spans from private users over universities, teaching firms, development centers up to commercial users and companies which see LINUX as an real alternative to other operatingsystems. Today LINUX experiences its biggest growing rates in the area of internet servers where it has conquered a top-position based on its outreaching network performance and safety architecture.

P.S. The penguin is the mascot of LINUX

L i n u x !       That you can avoid ....

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