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Way 456 Benediktbeuern-Lainbachtal-Hut

The way 456 is (as all the ways/paths maintained by the Sektion) marked with little red-white-red metal plates signed with the registration number of the way. The way nr. 456 is the most beautiful direct access to the mountain hut. It leads at first through the Lainbach-valley with its special geologically interesting landscape. Within 2 1/2 hrs hiking-time you will have reached the hut without problems. ( see also page "Torrent-teaching-path"). You cannot go wrong because of the marking labels.
One starts at "Gschwendt", a part-region of Benediktbeuern, directly beside the big swimming pool "Alpenwarmbad". There and also later are boards which show the total course of the tour. In front of the bridge to the parking place of the Alpenwarmbad one turns left and follows the Lainbach upstreams to the next bigger bridge which will be passed. Now at the other side of the brook one follows the way along the brook. On the way to the private owned "Söldneralm" which is passed about 45 minutes later you will find a serie of boards which shows information and pictures about the work necessary to cope with that torrent. Up to now the way climbed up very smoothly. Having passed a small little bridge the way will be a bit steeper but this lasts only about 15 - 20 minutes. Now again one follows broad smoothly climbing ways used by the woodworkers. After about 2 hrs since starting you will reach the base station of the ropeway used to supply the hut. Now it lasts only about 30 minutes and you will reach the hut on a winding path.

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