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Way 455 Benediktbeuern-Kohlstattalm-Hut

The way 455 is (as all the ways/paths maintained by the Sektion) marked with little red-white-red metal plates signed with the registration number of the way.
This is the most comfortable direct access to the lodge, but it is not the most beautiful. It follows, sometimes beside sometimes on, forest roads up to higher regions. The hut will be reached in about full 2 hours depending upon your speed :-)
This way is selected by the mountain bikers to ride to the hut then staedily using the forest roads. Along a first part of the forest road there are charts teaching you anything about the nature of and work in the woods.
The start is the same as with way 456. But when passing the bigger bridge over the brook "Lainbach" you will not follow the course of the brook but go straight up some 100m on a tarred street. Often you will see the red-white-red metal plates with the way number 455 so nobody will fail the way. You will pass cottages, at first the "Kohlstattalm" and later the "Eibelsfleckalm". About 30 minutes later you will come to the base station of the ropeway used to supply the hut. After further 30 minutes you will reach the hut on a winding path.

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