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Way 455 (contin.) Westway to Benewand-Summit

The so called "west-path" (way nr. 455) which leads within about 1 1/4 hrs up to the top can be considered as easy. Coming from the hut towards the wall you turn at the way-fork to the right and hike up on a winding path. later it will be more flat. Who observes the environment will see a little commemorative plaque for a mule which lost its life when transporting wood for the little wooden refuge near the top. The path further smoothly goes up, and reaches the way nr. 451 which comes from the top and leads to the Glaswandscharte and also to the Jachenau-valley. You turn left to southern direction and follow the way 451 up, first steeper, later less steep. Then you will reach in eastern direction through a mass of dwarf-pines the top.
He/She who wants a more detailed description with pictures has a look at the page "Families & Children" and there the Westascent

Bild: Karte für Westweg zum Benewand-Gipfel

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