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Way 451 Brauneck to Benediktenwand

Starting from the mountain BRAUNECK west of the city of LENGGRIES you can realize a wounderful ridge-hiking tour on the path 451 to the Benediktenwand which can be reached within about 4 hrs. But first a warning: During the first hour of hiking you pass some commemorial plaques/-crosses where you will see that those who died had been hit from flashes of a thunderstorm. So in any case it will be wise to start the tour only when the weather is safe of thunderstorms. There are some distances where there is no way down from the ridge where the danger is great!
To come up to the BRAUNECK you can use a cabin-cable-car. This tour including the way back needs for the most mountaineers more time than one day only. So it will be reasonable to stay over night at the mountain hut Tutzinger Hütte and return the next day. (The hut-keeper will be glad about!)
But lets first go on reaching the first mountain SCHRÖDELSTEIN which will be by-passed at its southern side. (To climb up is only for the experienced!)
Then you pass down to a saddle in front of the STANGENECK which will be reached over a ridge. Furtheron you pass the VORDERER KIRCHSTEIN and the LATSCHENKOPF. Up to now you have been hiking about 1 1/2 hrs. Then you go down to the FEICHTECK-saddle and after hiking over the ACHSELKÖPFE you have been hiking about 3 hrs. Finally you reach the ROTÖHR-saddle where the path goes down to the Tutzinger Hütte. But first you want to go up to the top of the BENEDIKTENWAND which will be reached after annother hour. A final remark to the ACHSELKÖPFE:
They have not to be passed which could be dangerous especially when it is wet and the rocks then slippery. You can by-pass them to the right on their northern flank in western direction.

He/She who wants a more explicitely report with pictures please have a look on the page "Families a. Children".

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