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Way 454 Pessenbach to Benediktenwand

The way 454 leads from a parkingplace near Pessenbach (beside the street between Benediktbeuern and Kochel) to passing the Orterer-Alpe and eventually reaching the saddle between the Glaswand and the Rabenkopf. There we choose direction east on the way 451. We pass the southern side of the Glaswand relatively comfortable, almost even. Then we hike steap upward to the Glaswandscharte from where we have to hike furtheron steap and uncomfortable on a winding path in direction summit of the Benediktenwand. Now and then one has to use the hands for stabilizing ones balance. When we reach a meadow, now much more flat hiking, we come to the way 455. Upward we can hike to the summit, downward the way leads to the hut Tutzinger Hütte.
He/She who wants a more explicitely report with pictures please have a look on the page "Families & children".

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