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Way 485 Jachenau to Benediktenwand

Starting from LENGGRIES with the car or bus into the JACHENAU-valley you reach the village JACHENAU. Short before the core of the village a little street leads to the right smoothly upgoing to the LAINLALM. (You cannot go wrong because this way nr. 485 also is marked by red-white-red metal plates showing the way-number.)
There to the left you could hike to the RABENKOPF. But you go straight up and reach, first over steep meadows later less steep the GLASWANDSCHARTE. You turn to the right and hike now on the path nr. 451 first in northeast later in eastern direction to the top of the BENEDIKTENWAND. With good constitution about 4 hrs should have passed. On this part of the way you have passed annother way (nr. 455) down to the mountain lodge Tutzinger Hütte. After having conquered the top you can go down and have food and drinks.

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Possible Map Kompasskarte Nr.7 Murnau-Kochel 1:50000