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Way 456 (contin.) Eastway to Benewand-Summit

Walking from the hut to the northern wall, to the right the so called "west-path" leads to the summit. But we turn to the left and hike up on the "east-path" to a first saddle. When you observe the environment exactly you will have the chance to see one or annother wild ibex.
Then the path turns to southwest and leads, sometimes almost even, later steeper, partly secured with wire ropes over rocks and dwarf-pines to the eastern pre-top. On a broad ridge eastward hiking up and down you will reach the top after abaout 1 1/2 hours. If the weather is rainy or cold you can warm up in a little wooden hut near the top. Attention: To hike this tour you should be free from giddiness and safe in foothold! Who is not should use the easy "west-path" where everybody can hike without any problems. He/She who wants a more detailed description with pictures has a look at the page "Families & Children" and there the Eastascent

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