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Summits and Tours

The Glaswand is a negligible crest and only mentioned here for the reason of completeness. Hiking to the top is only recommendable in case one hikes up from Pessenbach on the way 454 to the Tutzinger Hütte and having reached the before mentioned saddle. Instead of passing by the Glaswand almost even one climbs in eastern direction always on the ridge grindingly through pines and little rocks to the highest elevation (about 30 minutes). From there again painfully down in eastern direction within about 40 minutes.
Recommendable only for "summit-collectors".

Gipfel Rabenkopf Rabenkopf Glaswand Glaswand Benewand Benewand Achselköpfe Achselköpfe Propstenwand Propstenwand Hinterer Kirchstein Hinterer Kirchstein Latschenkopf Latschenkopf Vorderer Kirchstein Vorderer Kirchstein Schrödelstein Schrödelstein Tutzinger Hütte

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