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The Achselköpfe mostly will be stridden hiking on the way 451 from the Brauneck to the Benediktenwand. Because of an interesting path secured with iron ropes they may be also a remunerating goal starting from the Tutzinger Hütte. Thereto we hike coming from the hut to the north wall turn to the left on the way 456 and up to the Rotöhrsattel. There one hikes eastwards but not on the path 451. Instead one climbs through pines almost always on the ridge along the mentioned iron-secured path to the top of the 1707m high Großer Achselkopf. After about 1 1/2 hours one can enjoy the view to both sides of the beautiful path from the Brauneck to the Benediktenwand.

Gipfel Rabenkopf Rabenkopf Glaswand Glaswand Benewand Benewand Achselköpfe Achselköpfe Propstenwand Propstenwand Hinterer Kirchstein Hinterer Kirchstein Latschenkopf Latschenkopf Vorderer Kirchstein Vorderer Kirchstein Schrödelstein Schrödelstein Tutzinger Hütte

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