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The Propstenwand with its highest elevation, the 1618m high Hennenkopf is situated east of the Tutzinger Hütte. Its rock wall forms an impressing scene as finish of the Längental. It attracts special attention from the ridge way Brauneck - Benediktenwand.
One hikes from the hut upwards on the way 456 to the Rotöhrlsattel. From there a high ridge stretches exactly to the north. At the end lies the Propstenwand. From the Rotöhrlsattel we follow first the way 451 direction Brauneck. After about 10 minutes we turn to the north and follow way 466 which leads directly along the Propstenwand. He or she who is free from giddiness and safe in climbing will find the tour through the rocky steep area to the top. Because its a low level but of climbing only exercised hikers should try.

Gipfel Rabenkopf Rabenkopf Glaswand Glaswand Benewand Benewand Achselköpfe Achselköpfe Propstenwand Propstenwand Hinterer Kirchstein Hinterer Kirchstein Latschenkopf Latschenkopf Vorderer Kirchstein Vorderer Kirchstein Schrödelstein Schrödelstein Tutzinger Hütte

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