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Summits and Tours

The mountain Rabenkopf has a remunerative and easy to hike summit. From there you can savour a very nice view. From the valleys you can climb to the summit from all directions. We begin our tour from the hut Tutzinger Hütte. Thereto we hike on the way 455 upwards in western direction. Having hiked about half an hour we do not climb to the Benediktenwand summit but follow the way 451 in western direction to the Glaswandscharte (or also direction Herzogstand). Then we pass the relatively low Glaswand on its southern side and eventually reach the saddle where the way 454 comes up from the village Pessenbach. Now we have the choice between an easy and a more pretentious route to the summit.
On equal level as the saddle we hike in south-western direction around the south ridge to the Staffelalm and further over alp meadows on an easy path to the top. With good fettle we have reached the top after 2 1/2 up to 3 hours. Or:
More pretentious and therefore only suited to full exercised hikers we continue on a path in the same direction we have come, pass a small hidden cottage of the mountain rescue team and climb steep up first in the wood on the east ridge to the pre-top. Over it we reach within a few minutes the summit.
In case there is some snow depending upon the season, the last section of the path to the pre-top may be nasty and dangerous. So decide between the routes depending upon your capabilities and the weather.

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