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The Latschenkopf mostly will be crossed hiking on the ridge path 451 from Brauneck to the Benediktenwand. It is thrown in as a goal for hikers starting from the Tutzinger Hütte when hiking to the Hinterer Kirchstein. Please have a look at the tour description for the Hinterer Kirchstein to get more information.

Gipfel Rabenkopf Rabenkopf Glaswand Glaswand Benewand Benewand Achselköpfe Achselköpfe Propstenwand Propstenwand Hinterer Kirchstein Hinterer Kirchstein Latschenkopf Latschenkopf Vorderer Kirchstein Vorderer Kirchstein Schrödelstein Schrödelstein Tutzinger Hütte

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