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Families - Benewand West Ascent

The west ascent (way nr 455) is the easiest access to the Benediktenwand summit. The path regularly is in a good fettle; when wet may be a bit slippery at some sections. But it should not actual be dangerous. Here also children from 5 years up can master this way when they are able to stand 500m height difference up and down within 1,5 - 2 hrs per single distance. He/She who could master the way from Benediktbeuern to the hut without problems should be able to master this ascent too. ( But may be not at the same day? The hut has accomodations available!)

Way Description:
From the terrace of the hut we go directly to the northern wall. At a way fork we turn to the right. By long serpentines the path screws itself up through detrius fields. If we look up here now and then may be we can observe chamois animals. When we have reached the shoulder the view to the hut has been lost. Now the way leads in a big bow araound the offshoots of the Benediktenwand. Eventually we come to a way fork where a divergency to the Rabenkopf meets our way which we dont use. We turn to the left and notice that the trees change continually to dwarf pines. The path leads with not much oversight up along the broad westback. Now and then the path will be more flat and following a last upswing we already can see the summit cross. We have eventually reached our goal.

Bild: Gipfelkreuz Benewand

From the cross we can have a look to the hut where we started 1.5 - 2 hrs before. In case of a good view we see in the north the Starnberg Lake, a bit more to the west west the Ammer Lake. Not so often even Munich is to be seen. To the south dominates the chain of the Karwendel.

After having had enough recreations we return the same way. Now we see to the west Glaswand, Rabenkopf and Jochberg with its grassy shoulder. And finally the hut is visible. On our way down we have an uplook to the beautiful formations of the rocks and may be now can see some chamois animals.
At the hut we have drinks and snacks and are glad about a fine hiking tour. and may be hutwarden Hans picks up his zither and plays a song for us as a reward for the past efforts.

Bild: Blick vom Gipfelkreuz Benewand

Description Summary:
height differenc: about 500m from the hut
duration: 1.5 - 2 hrs upward, the same downward
character: easy, the simplest ascent to the summit of the Benediktenwand
difficulties: when wet at some sections slippery
children: from 5 years up if the fettle is already sufficient