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Families - Children around the hut

The environment of our hut one could designate as adventure playing ground. And as elder people we should remember what we all had done during our childhood. Playing in the terrain, collecting flowers, monitoring small animals, playing at and in a brook, and any more things one could imagine. In case one has not forgotten what had given fun for us then one could stimulate our children today too. Are there several children then often their imagination allone is sufficient to find a lot of activities for playings.

As reference to safety there are some terrain marks which can be given to the children as borders for their playing ground: The hut of the mountain rescue team beside our hut, a well, the memorial stone, 2 well heads, the water tank. A short briefing at the terrain and all should be clear.

picture: Brook beside the hut

Between hut and North Wall a brook runs beside the hut
picture: Children at the bank of the brook

At the brook you can often see families and/or children playing at the bank of the brook

May be one should not forget to give advice: