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Families - Benewand to Jachenau

The altogether more than 1050m height spanning descent from the Benediktenwand via the Bichler Alm requires at the very steep upper part a high safe of foothold and giddiness. It requires also good concentration and is therefore only suited for well experienced hikers. Hiking time up to Petern / Jachenau about 2½ hrs. The possible variant via the Glaswandscharte is noncritical and a bit longer.

When hiking from the summit cross along the wodden cottage straight to the south you meet soon the way to Petern/Jachenau signed with way numbers 480 and now and then 471.
The beautiful wide view to the Karwendel mountains will be completed by beautiful meadows with rare flowers. Soon the next aim will be seen, the more than 300m deeper located Bichler Alm. The now starting steep descent is in its upper part rocky and requires steadily safe foothold and considerable concentration. After about 50 minutes we reach the Bichler Alm where a well with drinking water is avaialble. During summertime you get there also beer and limo, sorry but no milk.

The picture right side shows the steep descent from the Benediktenwand down to the Jachenau. At the upper frame left side lies the Bichler Alm from where the little street is winding to south west and eventually reaches Petern (upper right side of the picture)

We continue on a winding road way (nr. 480) between alpine meadows and little woods downhill up to the way from the Tanner Alm. Now we have reached about 1250m height. Then on an almost straight running forrest way we reach after about 1 3/4 hrs hiking time the arm to Fleck. There we find a shady resting place.
From here on a moderate steeply through wood running forrest street we reach the Jachenau where we at Petern come to the main road. Pure hiking time from the summit 2 1/2 hrs. Uphill you need one more hour.

picture: view from the south to the Benewand


View from the south to the Benewand -
at foreground the Orterer-Alm

Bild: Blick von Süden auf die Benewand

From Petern you can ride with the RVO-bus ( time-table look, route Jachenau-Lenggries respective Garmisch-Lenggries) to the Brauneck-Ropeway. There you find further opprtunities in hiking.

Easier variant:
Instead go from the summit on route 451 westward to the Glaswand-Scharte. From there on way 477 to the Tanner Alm.

Short description:

Height difference: 1050 Hm downhill
Duration: pure hiking time abt 2½ hrs
Charakter: upper third very steep;


Requires a very high quality in safe foothold and concentration. When wet avoid this tour absolutely!
Children: only very well experienced children from 10 years on.
Some parts of the route safeguard with rope necessary!