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Families - Benewand East Ascent

The east-ascent to the Benediktenwand summit is much more difficult than the west-ascent. The difficulties lie first on a section with an actual steep rocky ascent which is partly secured by a steel rope system and second in some steep locations which are to traverse at the eastwall. To hike this tour you should be free from giddiness and safe in foothold! Children of more than 8 -10 years can master this tour when they are safe in foothold and have some experience in climbimg. In case of wet weather dont hike this tour!

picture: east ascent in front of the north wall

Way description:
First we go from the hut to the northwall. At the way fork we turn to the left direction east. The path slowly upswinging find its way below the northern wall to a first saddle. Afterwards the path loose some height and rise again to the actual east-ascent. In this area now and then ibexes can be observed.

The smoothly to the left upswinging east-ascent path can be easily noticed in the area wooded with dwarf pines above the hut.

Here we follow the written tip "Ostaufstieg: Nur für Geübte" which means "East ascent - Only for experienced Personnel". Now the mountain path becomes rocky and steep and soon we will see the steel ropes where hikers can - and should! - secure and protect themself. (The complete steel rope device had been totally renewed in 2004.) We follow the markers and the ropes and gain quickly some height. In case of endangerment by thunderstorm the steel ropes are an effective lightning conductor and therefore should not be used. If warned before starting you may not hike this tour at all!

picture: steel ropes secure the way

After having reached the east shoulder we continue in ups and downs. On some locations we pass the nortern flank and get some deep views as rewards.

picture: view from east ascent

View from east ascent to the Benediktenwand group
( to eastern direction, from right to left:
Ridge over Achselköpfe, Feichtecksattel (center of picture), Latschenkopf, Kirchstein.
Through the sinkhole in the foreground leads the well known europe-way E4
bypassing the Achselköpfe northerly.

Bild: Gipfel und Unterstandshütte

We continue hiking on the plateau of the summit and after some time will reach the summit cross. There, if weather is not comfortable, we can protect ourselves after having had sufficient view around in a little wooden hut and can relax.

Two hours ago we left the Tutzinger Hütte and now we see it about 500 meters deep at our feet.

Bild: Hütte vom Gipfel gesehen

As return to the hut the west-ascent is to recommend. When seeing the hut while returning we should have a look upward to detritus heaps where now and then we could have the chances of seeing some ibexes or chamois. (if you want some information about click to Ibexes at the Benediktenwand) Back at the hut we are happy about a top tour and enjoy drinks and snacks.