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Families - Pessenbach to Benewand

In order to avoid the constraint to use the planned way also as a return to our parked car, it is suggested to park the car at the bridge over the lainbach (look way 456 for more info) or at the Alpenwarmbad and then go to the center of Benediktbeuern and use the bus to ride to Pessenbach parking-place. Then it is easily possible to return from the hut via the very interesting Torrent-Teaching-Path in the lainbach valley to meet the parked car the fastest.
Off course it is much more better to come to the area with railway and bus at all.

picture: Glaswand
The Glaswand is situated between Benewand (left) and Rabenkopf

When one arrives to Benediktbeuern one can see the Benediktenwand at the left, the Rabenkopf to the right and the Glaswand in the middle. To the right saddle between Glaswand and Rabenkopf we will hike upward at first. Then we will pass the Glaswand at its southern side (to the left) and can hike up to the summit of the Benediktenwand.

At first we will hike upward on a rough small way with boulders and detritus, later on winding paths. Then we reach a high and flat wooded area. Here in springtime when the mountains upward will be snowy you can observe herds of chamois. At the end of that area we have reached the Orterer-Alpe, an former alp, now a private weekendquarter. There not only a table and a bench but also a bubbling wellspring are available and invite us for a break.

picture: The Orterer-Alpe
           view return to the Orterer-Alpe

Then we hike over steap meadows upward passing a memorial for a mountain-rescue-man met death with a avalanche. Before again hiking through firs up to the saddle we throw a view back. At the left down at the wood-triangle the Orterer-Alpe is to be seen and right up some rock area of the Glaswand.
Eventually we have reached the saddle separating Glaswand and Rabenkopf. There stands a memorial-stone and a memorial-cross. At the right directly in front of the firs a small mountainpath first passing a hut of the mountain-rescue-crew, then leading steaply up to the Rabenkopf summit. When wet by rain or snow it is uncomfortably dangerous by skidding on the loamy path. Then circumspective hikers use the regular way to the summit directly behind the firs and bypass almost even the southern slope of the mountain and continues comfortably on a regular path to the summit.

Der Sattel zwischen Glaswand und Rabenkopf
The saddle between Glaswand and Rabenkopf

But we turn to the left, direction east, now on way 451 and hike comfortably almost even along the southern slope of the Glaswand for the next half an hour. Before comming to the Glaswandscharte, the gash between Benediktenwand and Glaswand, we have a view to the western Wall of the Benediktenwand. At this wall we will hike a good portion upward. After a few minutes we have to hike up on an uncomfortable rough path with boulders and detritus to the Glaswandscharte which on the picture is hidden by the big fir.

Blick auf Benewand-Westanstieg

Upstairs we turn to the right and hike up on steap winding paths where we now and then have to use our hands to stabilize our balance. After some more as half an hour the slope flattens and we continue hiking over a meadow and pass some firs.

Blick auf die Hütte

Then we meet the westway nr 455. We now have to decide wether we want to hike to the right and directly up to the summit or to the left down to the hut Tutzinger Hütte. After now 3 1/2 - 4 hours bare hiking time we surely prefere the fine drinks and bavarian beer at the hut.