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Families - Brauneck to Benewand

The ropeway in Lenggries ( transports us comfortably within 15 minutes over a height of 830m to the top of the Brauneck. Costs: adults 8 euro, children 4 euro. operation in summertime from 8.15 - 17.00 hrs.

With especially good condition a hiker has also the choice to hike to the top on at least two variants:

a) direct rise near the trace of the ropeway passing Reiseralm - Garlandalm (2.5 Std.),
b) on the high path direction Wegscheid - Schellenburg - Jaudenstadl - (behind the Skilifts turn to the
right) - Kotalm - Brauneck (3 hrs).

Bild: Brauneck-Gipfel
                The less attractive top of the Brauneck

Route Description
From the ropeway top-station we follow a broad way with full view, leaving the top with the Brauneck-house to the right. The way leads at first almost even to western direction. Short after a pasture door we follow the signpost "Benediktenwand" and turn to the right. The red-white-red sentinel escorts us the entire tour. A few 100m after a lift-station and 50m after a sentinel "Tutzinger Hütte" we turn to the right. From now on we follow until further notice the sentinel 451 or E2.
Now the way leads steep upward and now and then we need our hands to be sure. Further we hike on a ridge accompanied by spruces and pines. There we have a nice view to the Ammersee and into the Karwendel mountain group.

picture: view from Stangeneck
           View from Stangeneck

Over a second steep waypiece we come to the Stangeneck (1646m). We have a look to the north in the Längental-valley and to the south at the Idealhang-area. Here we see a column of sloping posts which belong to the avalange demolition device of the skiing area. Soon on a slightly downgoing way we have a first view at the still far away beeing Benediktenwand (center of picture, background); in foreground (left) the Latschenkopf, to the right the stately Kirchstein and in western direction behind the Probstenwand (very right).

View to the Achselkoepfe

At foreground Feichtecksattel, behind the Achselköpfe, right at background
the Benediktenwand

From the saddle we follow the signpost to the Benediktenwand. We leave the steep rockwall of the Vorderer Kirchstein (1670m) and a white memorial at the right and come to a terrace. We continue hiking to the Latschenkopf (1712m) and enjoy the far view at Murnau and the Staffelsee. Eventually we see the Walchensee and behind of it the Zugspitze. Up to now a full hour hikingtime. Now we hike about 90 meters downward to the Feichtecksattel (1626m) where we come to a level crossing. From here we have two ways to the Benediktenwand or the mountain hut Tutzinger Hütte. Else farther straight along over the Acheslköpfe or right downward passing the Achselköpfe northerly below.

The latter route is easier and leads from the Feichtecksattel to the west 200m downward direction Probstalm, then along the northern slopes and finally upwards to the Rotöhrl-Sattel where both routes unite. Because this variant often is wet and slippery we take the more pretentious route. But here absolute safe in giddiness and foothold is a prerequisite. Then the route is also possible for well exercised children from 7 years on. Regularly you should secure children with a rope. But one has experienced also a serious accident here, caused by the incautiousness of an adult. So be careful!

Bild: Eisenleiter
Prelude to the Achselköpfe

At first between low pines and meadows up and down. Then a short not very serious iron ladder which is a prelude to the first Achselkopf. The succession of the ups, downs and little tops you can assort to four tops of which the second with 1709m is the highest.In contrast to the others this second top will not be directly overstepped but northerly bypassed below the top. The hiking path always is clearly to be looked over.

More serious paces are secured with iron ropes. An inspiring up and down flavoured by surprising views which can be topped by a little break on one of the tops. With some luck we meet some of the ibexes of this region. After the descend from the fourth top the route leads a last time upward to the Rotöhr-Sattel (1615 m) which we will eventually reach after about 2 1/2 hrs.

From here on the route signed with E4 and 456 leads along the northern flank of the Benediktenwand within 45 minutes to the mountain hut Tutzinger Hütte (1327m). Hiking time without breaks from Brauneck about 3 1/4 hours.
He or she who is early and in a very good fettle can start from the Rotöhr-Sattel via the steep iron-rope secured westrise to the top of the Benediktenwand (1801m) and slow down along the smooth path 455 to the mountain hut Tutzinger Hütte (hiking time additional about 2 hrs).

short description:

height difference: Brauneck top station 1530 m, Tutzinger Hütte 1327 m, highest pace 1712 m (Latschenkopf); with all ups and downs about 450 m rise, about 650m descend.
duration: 3 1/4 hrs pure hiking time
charakter: diversified hiking tour with manifold near and far views. the overcome of the Achselköpfe requires absolute safe of giddiness and foodhold connected with experience in the mountains.
children: well exercised children with experience in climbing from 7 years on now and then secured by rope
endangerments: In case of possible thunderstorms avoid this tour in any case because of the long distance on the ridge!