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Opening through New Years Eve

The mountain hut Tutzinger Hütte is situated in the landscape in front of the high tops of the Alpen at 1327m sealevel. In contrast to those refuges which can be reached during wintertime exclusively per skis, you can access our hut by hiking. Therefore it is open for our friends from december 25 until january 6. Longer is not allowed because the wild animals need rest in wintertime.

picture: hut in deep snow

On the easiest access way nr 455 you can calculate almost surely that some hikers have already done some traces. A bit less comfortable than during summertime it will be, depending about how much snow there is.

But you can imagine by the foto what a wounderful, winterly quiet world you can expect in front of the steep northern wall.

If you search recreation and relaxing please come between Christmas and New Years Eve. If you want to celebrate New Years Eve with your friends or other like-minded people than it could be wise to order your reservation the best one year in advance.

Beside the big loud world you will get an unique event.