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When in 1998 they discovered that it was required to rebuild the hut completely because it was no longer economically wise to furthermore repair a lot of damages, we had the excellent chance to realize a very modern, innovative concept of construction and at the same time reduction of pollution. The realized concepts will convince with their excellent results.

The hut Tutzinger Hütte is situated at the Benediktenwand like an island in the sea. It can be reached solely by hiking. There is neither a possibility to access with a car, nor are there accesses to the public water-supply, waste-water-channel, electricity, a.s.o. And even the public telephone was cut when the German Postal- Service was privatized. Anything has to be realized only by the owner, the Sektion Tutzing of the German Alpine Association itself.

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Now you can come to the hut and will no longer be disturbed by a roaring motor generator, but discover public hygiene almost like at home. Still more you will be glad about the underfloor heating and warm shower when its cold outside.

All the improvements we could reach while the pollution could be reduced to a level of 30 percent compared with the installations before! On these pages you can inform yourself about the very innovative concepts realized.