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Reservation, Valuation

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Sorry, but hut warden Hans Mayr cannot be contacted via e-mail. This is due to the technical standards of our telephone line (cellular phone). Reservations may take place via the mobile phone number 0175-1641690 (from abroad, please call 0049-175-1641690).
To call the valley number (08851-7418; from abroad: 0049-8851-7418) is appropriate at times when the hut is not wardened.
According to our official regulations, the hut warden is obliged to demand a deposit for group reservations. Unfortunately, we are merely able to guarantee you sleeping place, comfort (“Gemütlichkeit”), and food, but a guarantee for fine weather goes beyond our competence. Thank you for your understanding!

We hope you enjoy your stay at our hut. If you are content you are pleased to give a note into our guestbook.

Because we are in competition with other huts of the German Alpine Association you have the opportunity to value our hut with this website.