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Water Supply

Actual state:

The hut Tutzinger Hütte is provided with high quality drinking water from two deeply drilled wells directly situated in front of the northern wall of the Benediktenwand. Electric water pumps deliver the water to two plastic water tanks (10 cbm) which are digged in about 25 meters higher. This way the necessary pressure is produced to supply the hut. The electrically steered pumps keep the level inside the tanks allways at the right volume.

It is a longish report how it came to the now sufficient modern water supply. But it is valuable to be read in order to understand the efforts necessary to reach the state.


The founders of Sektion Tutzing first wanted to erect their refuge at the top of the Benediktenwand. But where there get the water? So only in 1908 they could buy a hut situated at the foot of the northern wall. There a nearby spring provided sufficient water. But having added a lavatory there had been some problems concerned with water quality and volume. So in 1930/31 one added an additional water resource. The pipes had to be renewed in 1952. Between 1966 and 1968 again problems arised and required to germinate the water. Eventually in 1976/77 there had been a new law about water quality. This forced the planning of a completely new water supply. After a diviner had been ordered to search for ground water the deep drilling of wells started in 1979.


Execution of the Activities


comment of the author

Only he who took the time to read through can imagine what big efforts had been necessary by the section for "this bit of water". (Ok, i think the least of the visitors will drink it. But in Germany you have to wash even your feet with drinking water!)

well head in front of the northern wall
well head in front of the northern wall