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Bild: Frohe Runde

Bild: Hans an der Zither

After the mountain-tour or whenever you sit down and relax in the dayroom, conversation among friends will presumably come first. After all, we are not so close and “gemütlich” every day.

And with a beer or a glass of red wine, we recall all the fine tours we had in the past. On weekends with fine weather, the hut is usually very frequented, and people are having a good time. However, there are also the more peaceful days during the week, or times with less fine weather. Then, less visitors are present and the atmosphere in the hut is more quiet.

On these days, hut-warden Hans Mayr might take out his zither and please the guests with atmospheric original Bavarian folk music. He plays almost as well as a professional. If guests would like to join and play together, Hans has still some instruments up his sleeve.

Of course, there is also a library – for the bookworms, if it rains, or if you don't want to go outside. Not seldom, some musical friends of the mountains get other people around to join. Occasionally, you might even realize that you recall more than only the first verse. Our hut is a popular meeting point for friends of Bavarian folk music.