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Sanitary Facilities

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On the ground floor, there is a visitors' lavatory for ladies and gentlemen, respectively. The technical standard corresponds to conditions like at home, e.g. hot and cold running water. These rooms are available to the visitors during the day.

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After assignment of the sleeping places (usually from 18.00 h on), the lavatories and showers on the first floor (separate for ladies and gentlemen) are available to overnight guests. They fulfil even higher demands, e.g. single cubicles with washbasins for ladies, and, certainly, hot running water.

Oh, I know: In view of this, the hearts of mountaineers of the old school will bleed. They would tell us, in a trembling voice, of high alpine huts where you had to be grateful if any water was available at all and if there was still enough snow in August to ensure sufficient water supply. Never mind the feeling on the latrine when the icy cold draught stimulated your metabolism. :-))