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Torrent Teaching Path

The Lainbach, a torrent

The Lainbach although looking relatively harmless at many days it is really not! An only one big thunderstorm at the Benediktenwand about more than one decade ago was sufficient to cause a disaster. Even the oldest inhabitants had not been able to remember such an event, nor had they heard similar stories from their ancestors. The huge amount of water flowing from all directions made the Lainbach a wild ripping stream. It destroyed the affixed bankway, the concrete walls of the riverbanks and bridges with brutal force. Big amounts of disrooted trees had been carried away and shuffled themselves to vast heaps. The Lainbach-valley within a few hours had been an impenetrable wilderness.
Nowadays we are again able to walk through the valley and to pursue the great necessary endeavours of the river-maintenance-office Weilheim by order of the freestate Bavaria to tame the nature in the valley. Deserving thanks a torrent-teaching-course was established in order to brief the people about the necessity of many expensive measures highly necessary to diminish consequences of possible future disasters.
At first our way nr. 456 to the Tutzinger hut follows the Lainbach almost one hour.

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Coming from the Alpenwarmbad-swimming-pool, after having crossed the new bridge over the brook, we stand in front of a typical bavarian pray- and memorial place. In a sort of little house there is a statue of holy mary and in front of it luminous candles. To the right leads a sacral cross-roads. Left and right we can see a so called station of it.
Here we are at the right place. Directly in lengthening the bridgeway the way nr. 455 leads upward to the Tutzinger hut.
But we want to follow the more interesting torrent-teaching-course along the Lainbach and turn to the left always walking along the bank of the brook.


And already we stand in front of the first of ten really beautiful information boards about the problems of the torrent with coloured graphics and fotos. These boards will accompany us for the next hour. This information could be a bit time-costly on our way to the hut. On the other hand it would be a pity to ignore the very good information.
May be a compromise could be good. Let`s now have only short looks on the boards, notice that there is available a lot of data about the maintenance of the torrent, about flora and animal world, and let`s decide to have annother visite later with more time to be informed.

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Attachments (left) graduate the course of the torrent which decrease the dip of the water. The water falling vertically down from some height keeps the big stones better on the spot. Some small distance later it streams again with full power downward.
But have a look to the right! Notice at first the little hiker between the big posts although rarely noticeable. His figure allows you to better calculate the dimensions of the huge triftwood-fork appearing after about 10 minutes walking time.

Bild: Treibholzrechen
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InfoTafel Treibholzrechen

Here is an extra explicitely info-board about purpose and intention of the triftwood-fork. It was first installed after the mentioned disaster when huge amounts of triftwood had been bad consequences in the village Benediktbeuern.


SHe who has studied the information knows the history and the enormous tasks necessary to tame the torrent in the Lainbach-valley.

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Bild: Gesteinsschichtungen

A look back shows that the way follows the many windings of the torrent one after the other. Walking into the valley direction hut it is not very noticeable. But when returning after a long hiking tour on the Benediktenwand it is wise to have a look at your watch in order not to assume the end of the valley finally after the next turn. Return lasts 50 minutes. The watch is much more reliable.
Interesting at the right hand are also the rocks laminations towering vertically to the height.

Bild: Weg nach Brücke
Bild Tutzinger Brücke

Having crossed over a concrete bridge we continue walking on the other side. Soon we cross again over a broad wooden bridge and eventually reach the (private) Söldner Alm. 10 minutes later our way leaves the Lainbach-valley where there is no further way in the valley. Then we pass a tributary over a small pedestrian bridge built by members of the section.

Bild: Weg nach Brücke
Bild: kleine Hütte

A look back (left side a big attachment) allows to notice that we now have reached some height within a few meters. Now we have to hike steep upward on a way with boulders and furrows. But it lasts no more than 15 minutes and about 100 meters elevation. Then we find a little resting place pausing for breath. Afterwards we walk comfortable on broad forrest ways with only moderate elevation. After 2 - 2 1/4 hours we reach the base station of the ropeway.

Bild: Talstation Materialseilbahn
Bild: kleine Hütte

Following a small winding path upward we have a look back to the base station of the ropeway. From here anything intented to reach the hut (no persons!) has to be wound up by means of a rope basket over about 220 meters elevation.
We hike about 30 minutes upward. Then we see the hut. There is something to drink. Hooray!

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