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Concept of ecology


The German Alpine Sektion Tutzing has maintained a mountain hut at the foot of the northern wall of the Benediktenwand at 1327m sealevel since more than 90 years. It offers accomodation and food and drinks for the visitors. It can be reached only by walking/hiking on forrest roads and mountain paths. Since years the hut could no longer fulfill the requirements of the laws for public hygiene, storing of food and drinks,waste reduction, kitchen cleaniness, precautions against fire, safety regulations for work, warmth isolation, pollution reduction, space for the visitors in the sleeping quarters a.s.o.. Written orders of the supervisor of the region, reduced numbers of visitors, increasing costs for maintenance and also increasing critics of all sides concerned about increasing environment pollution, required from the owner the complicated planning of a huge number of measures against.

Following the equal evaluation results of a number of neutral specialists one could only have a economically and technically sufficient solution by building a new hut.
In december 1998 the management of the Sektion Tutzing decided in coordination with the German Alpine Association in Munich to build a new hut.

2. Planning

With this decision free room had been given to fulfill the main efforts construction engineering, house devices engineering and preventing pollution control with the latest state of the art, and to coordinate all individual measures exactly. With the selection of building material such products were preferred which are produced and to be worked with environment friendly.

Because big or heavy items ( more than 120kg) only could be brought to the building area via helicopter one had to watch especially for little weight and small size. All used material had to offer a long life, small environment friendly maintenance and recycling. A very important aspect was to save energy wherever an opportunity has shown, f.i. by avoiding "energy eaters" or choice of an environment friendly technics.

Instead producing electric energy with gas and then operate the heating or cooling by electric energy, it is possible to operate heaters and coolers directly by gas. With electric generators driven by motors you can "rewin" 2/3 of the consumed energy (fuel or gas) as warmth for the hut by using suitable devices.