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Statistic Data Pollution Control

Picture: Beverage Cellar

Example Beverage Transport:

Regarding the indirect energy consumption of the hut, f. i. supply transport-rides, one can estimate a big potential of saving. Point of view is to reduce the volume and weight of the transports first by truck and then by ropeway to the hut.

The solution is quite simple: Instead of bottles in boxes, f. i. beer, one takes a 30 liter barrel.

This shows for 30 liters:

refridgerating cellar with connection ledge for barrels

weight: 3 boxes with 60 x 0.5 l bottles = 60 kg,
            1 barrel with 30 l = 40kg
result: reduction 20 kg or 33%

empty goods: 3 boxes with empty bottles 30 kg,
                      1 empty barrel 10kg
result: reduction 20 kg or 67%

ropeway, max. 160 kg:   8 boxes = 80 l,  4 barrels = 120 l
result: improvement 40 kg or 50%

total: saving costs of energy and personnel with transports:   reduction 30%

storing: 3 boxes = 0,10 cbm, 1 barrel = 0,055 cbm: reduction 45%

Further improvements by barrels result

with the cooling:

At the bar:
Using barrels eliminates: