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Welcome by the hut warden

Hut-warden Hans Mayr welcomes you:

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Dear friends of the mountains,
welcome to the alpine hut “Tutzinger Hütte”

My team and I are very pleased about your visit. I would like to briefly introduce you to the facilities of the hut and what comforts you may expect when actually visiting our hut.

The original hut has already been built in 1908. In the year 2000, it has been rebuilt completely. Hence, with the new “Tutzinger Hütte” you face one of the most progressive mountain refuges in Germany. We offer you modern sanitary facilities with hot and cold running water, and reasonably priced accomodation. The kitchen offers you snacks, hot and cold dishes, and drinks. Our environmentally sound energy concept includes underfloor heating in the dayrooms, at a 30% reduction of pollution compared to the previous situation (even summer evenings may be a little bit cold).

Bild: Schild Tutzinger Hütte und Kreuz

You find a comfortable drying-room left-hand immediately after the entrance, where you may place wet clothes on hangers. An additional heating device and ventilation allow quicker drying than in the dayroom.

Please take a seat in the dayroom and relax on comfortable chairs or benches along the walls (by the way: most of the furniture has been manufactured by the former president of our Alpine Club section and his near-professional joiner team).

Bild: Trockenraum

Feel free to order drinks and dishes at the bar. We wish you a pleasant stay in our hut. When the weather is fine you might prefer sitting on the terrace with its wonderful view of the huge Benediktenwand.

If you want to stay overnight, you should put down your name on the visitors' book. Non-members of the German Alpine Club (Deutscher Alpenverein) receive their sleeping quarters in the order of registration in the visitors' book. Even if we have been able to accommodate all visitors so far, please make sure you register in time if you prefer a smaller bedroom to a place in the dormitory. If you plan a climbing tour, please also note your plan and destination in the visitors' book. This will facilitate the work of the mountain rescue service in the case of emergency.