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Waste Water Disposal

Since the opening of the hut in 1908 the waste water was eliminated through a three-chamber-foul-pit. Eventually the responsible water-office objected to this procedure. A connection to the local waste water channel system of Benediktbeuern had not been possible because of the 12km distance in the alpine environment. So other ways to a solution had to be found.

Requirements have been: Process engineering as simple as possible, no requirement of energy (gravity principle), high biological effectivity, sufficient capacity even with many visitors and an acceptable integration into the alpine landscape. The solution had not to overcharge the financial and physical power of the Sektion Tutzing.

With the new system waste stuff will be cleared by a fat-eliminator first, then pre-purification is done through two rock-caverns with 24 cubicmeter content, post-purification through two further caverns. Finally there follow three post-purification lakes with about 800 squaremeters surface. They have been nicely integrated into the alpine environment and show green meadows and plants around.

This system guarantees the compliance with the strong german DIN-Norms for waste water elimination. How good this system works is shown by fishes and frogs in the lakes. Especially the fact that there are fishes proofs the good quality of the water. (We think that some wild ducks have brought the fish-eggs (rogen) with their feathers from rivers down in the valley)

So the alpine purification system guarantees that the waste water of the hut does not pollute the environment. An electric fence around keeps the cattle away. The contents of the purification caverns once a year will be pumped into a drying-chamber and there stored for the transport down to the valley. The complete system needs no energy with the exception of this onetimes yearly pumping.

Who at all thinks after having had good food and drinks and then use public hygiene about all the efforts the Sektion Tutzing had until this high standard of pollution control had been reached?

Thank the Sektion Tutzing for their engagement on pollution control by visiting the hut Tutzinger Hütte!

draft of waste water disposal

picture: draft of waste water disposal

Post clearing pools below the hut
      Post clearing pools below the hut