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The hut has a large (main-) dayroom with 60 seats and - separated by a door - a side-room with 30 seats.
A total of 90 seats are offered in both dayrooms – at any weather conditions. With the chairs and benches, there is plenty of legroom. The floor is made up of ceramic tiles which are easily kept clean.
Furthermore, it will will dry quickly, due to the underfloor-heating.

picture: main guestroom
picture: side guestroom

Aren't there more than two dayrooms? Well, in fact you could speak of a third one which has not been mentioned so far: The large place in front of the hut, our terrace, is usually preferred by the visitors when the weather is fine. Not surprising, considering the wonderful view of the huge Benediktenwand.

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May be the following won't be a problem for you.

In any case, smoking and any form of fire are strictly forbidden INSIDE THE HUT!