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In 1909 the hut Tutzinger Hütte had gotten its first public telephone which was also an emergency telephone in case of accidents at the mountains. After 55 years the responsible German Postal Service wanted to eliminate this installation because of the maintenance costs what could be prevented by great efforts. But the 12km long overhead line now and then was cut by storms, snow, or forrest works. And the repair every time was expensive. But the "emergency fone" had to be maintained by the owner who had the monopoly for communications. In the eighties the owner installed as a pilot-test a fibre optics cable without costs for the hut. The transfer quality now was excellent. That cable, better suited against cutting, reduced the proneness to trouble considerably but not totally.
With the communication sector becoming private business the new company Telekom stopped maintaining the telephone cable after a few cuts. The connection was definitly dead.

The Sektion Tutzing now was challenged to find a solution itself. But the area around the hut mostly represents a "radio-hole" for the portable radio-phones (handies). Communications around the hut remain a matter of luck. This may make some visitors to complain about, but most of the guests would like the hut being naturally a

free zone for mobile telephones

We found a solution:
At the gable of the hut which is adverted from the big wall a special antenna has been installed. Its place and electrical data hinder the reception of unwanted reflections by the wall. But the wanted signals from the north will be received stable.
Such way the hut is reachable via phone again.