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Climbing at the Benediktenwand

Benediktenwand North Ascents

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Overview of the climbing routes at the Benediktenwand a-route b-route c-route d-route e-route f-route h-route i-route k-route k-route k-route l-route m-route n-route o-route p-route q-route
With friendly approval of Bergverlag Rudolf Rother (as pattern extracted from "Kletterführer Bayerische Voralpen" by Helmut Zebhauser (draft edited by webmaster Ulf)

Name Severity Time need
a Unteres schiefes Band E.Kokatt, 1908, III 2 hrs from entrance
b Oberes schiefes Band G.Grätzer, 1909, II (III- am Anfang) 1 3/4 hrs from entrance
c Kokattweg E.Kokatt, 1904, III (eine Stelle IV-) 2 1/2 hrs from entrance
d Meiser-Wülfert-Führe Meiser, Wülfert, 1907, IV- 2 1/2 hrs from entrance
e Maier-Stadelbauer-Führe Maier-Stadelbauer, 1904, IV 2 1/2 hrs from entrance
f Zeller-Führe Zeller, 1909, IV 2 1/2 Std( Variante von e)
g Gerner-Variante Gerner, 1909, IV- 2 1/2 hrs from entrance
h Gipfelfallinie vmtl. 1952, IV/V+ below 3 hrs IV, up 2 hrs V+
i Winkler-Führe M. Winkler, III+ 2 hrs from hut
k Maximiliansweg unbekannt, I mit einer Stelle II 1 1/2 hrs from entrance
l Kamine der Steilschlucht III 2 hrs from hut
m Rampe Grätzer, Bachschmidt, 1921, III 1 hrs from entrance
n Rippe E. Kokatt, 1904, IV 1 1/2 hrs from entrance
o Höhlenweg E. Kokatt, 1904, III+ 1 1/2 hrs from entrance
p Luisenband Luise Pahle, G. Grätzer, 1921, III- 1 1/4 hrs from start of band
q Zwei-Fensterl-Weg G. Grätzer, 1911, II, Kamin III+ 2 1/2 hrs from entrance

A climbing route with severity VI is at the Benediktenwand the "Kocheler Turm" (Kocheler tower) (description and photo)

Attention climber:
It is recommendable to take along some climbing tools (friends, wedges a.s.o.) because existing cruxes already could be older and no longer safe. Please write a little report that we can add tips.

At: you find a topo and description of
"Via Bavaria" at the BENEDIKTENWAND - NORTH WALL ( 400m, 8- )